CyberSecurity - the chicken or the egg

So what was first, the chicken or the egg; The threats or the targets? CyberSecurity or if you're a little long in the tooth "Information Security" is a billion dollar industry because 'the cyber', or better yet, information is everywhere. Whether at rest, in motion or in use, information is also under attack. This challenge is nothing new; nor is it unique to the information industry. Let me be dramatic. Since the the dawn of civilization man has sought to protect his secrets. Then came the computers and then the 'internet'. Old notions of privacy and security were doomed forever.

Oh yeah, the chicken, egg thing. CyberSecurity continues to play catch-up to the technology it needs to protect. For one, the human factor cannot be escaped, and more emphasis (read money) is placed on making the newest, coolest thing. We can patch it later, ship!

The best developers, code writers, big data architects have decided that the chicken versus egg debate is exhausting and unhealthy at best. They know that security should not be bolted on the side like some bastardized chicken with no egg to hail from. Security must be on those first napkin drawings (at least in spirit). That spirit is the best defense against the human factor. When we see security and development as the same animal, we begin to cultivate better habits. A positive human factor.

When our ideas are secure from conception, then we are ever closer to the security we seek. Security then, comes from the inside. The egg and the chicken are one.

It's up to us to protect "the Cyber" when we're "on the line" ~Idiot Compilation

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