First thoughts…

Hello World!

The sole purpose of the first line was simply to get past that all important first sentence, to get over the mental hump I had created.

Still, my first blog post, I think, should be epic. Not too rah rah and overbearing but not entirely underwhelming.

Something I can look back on, I’m imagine wistfully. The idea of looking back and hoping to gain what? Perspective perhaps, focus, maybe even a renewed vigor to trudge on through some imaginary digital malaise. I’m excited just thinking about it.

Ultimately I’ve come to the conclusion that the ‘first thoughts’, as I have come to affectionately call it, should reflect some overarching goal of this whole thing. Similarly, when asked what I do for a living, I often pause unsure of how to explain. Finally mumbling something about data and science. But a title often fails to fully explain what any of us do, regardless the field. Aside, I refuse to offer my resume in this space, partly because of good taste, partly to foster a sense of mystery. So, the task at hand is to express, in a tagline, what it is we do as Big Data folks. Here it is. We ‘transform data into intelligence’. boom! Think about it, or don’t. No matter where your role falls in the menace that is Big Data; your efforts lead to the ultimate goal of transforming the oceans of data being produced every second into meaningful intelligence.

I chose the word intelligence carefully because it surpasses the limited nature of mere information by also expressing the importance of ‘timeliness’.

Late information is not intelligence, it’s news. ~ Ben White

Over the course of our Big Data journey, I hope for the meaningful exchange of ideas and information on a plethora of topics that help us ‘transform data into intelligence’. We’ll discuss various vendors and their contributions to the Big Data landscape; hopefully in a refreshing way.. maybe some CEO arm wresting live from the next Big Data conference.

Anyway, from ‘Big Data at the speed of OLTP‘ to “What does IoT mean to the future of Data” , all the way to “Data as a raw material: the economics of Big Data“ and all stops in between, let’s plan to figure it out right here, together.


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